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Hydration IV Therapy

Feeling sluggish and dehydrated?

Come to our in office Hydration IV session where you will get liquids into your blood stream faster than your digestive system. Your body will thank you for fast acting fluids restoring your health.


  • Normal Saline
  • Choice of: Zofran, Banana Bag, Anti-Nausea, Pain Relief

What's Inside our Hydration IV Therapy?

With the Hydration IV Therapy package you will receive a combination mixture of water and Sodium Chloride that your body will use to get out of dehydration and that sluggish feeling. Your body will quickly absorb and transport the nutrients needed to stabilize your blood pressure.

Sodium Chloride & Water: Mixture of sodium chloride and water.


The Hydration IV Therapy package is carefully created for specific needs such as hydration of the body. There are other packages to choose from such as Beauty IV, Weight loss IV, Immune Boost IV, Workout IV and Jet lag IV.


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