Under Pressure Hyperbarics Is Expanding

USA, May 26, 2021 – Under Pressure Hyperbarics, a state of the art hyperbaric oxygen facility is expanding its office space to house more hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Located in Los Angeles, California, Under Pressure Hyperbarics is welcoming new patients to check out its renovated and expanded facility that will be available to house more patients who need hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The office is known to be the most reputable and trusted in the industry of Hyperbaric Therapy and also provides IV therapy and Wound Care within the facility. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT for short, works to increase the amount of oxygen into the bloodstream and in turn improve the body’s natural healing process. The treatment takes place in a sealed chamber where patients steadily take in 100% oxygen.

The team behind Under Pressure Hyperbarics has a history of over 25 years in medicine, combined with the backing by FDA, PVHO, ASME and the National Board approved chambers to treat patients safely. Mastermind of the whole operation is Nicole Garrett, a certified Hyperbaric Therapist who is also the Chief Operating Officer of Under Pressure Hyperbarics. With the partnership of Dr. Som Kohanzadeh and Dr. David Pougatsch, Under Pressure Hyperbarics is continuing to strive in alternative medicine. 

People really need to see the power of what natural healing can do with hyperbaric therapy which does not get too much recommendation on all the benefits. Nevertheless, this new treatment has not gone mainstream because it’s still a medical device under professional supervision due to possible side effects of excessive oxygen intake. 

Meet the Power Three who Built Under Pressure Hyperbarics:

Nicole Garret, CHT

Background in EMT and diver medic, Nicole is an expert in Hyperbaric Medicine and is certified as a Hyperbaric Technician. She has assisted in opening many hyperbaric chambers in many hospitals across the United States. 

Dr. Som Kohanzadeh

Expert in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Som Kohanzadeh is a board certified plastic surgeon, who is also the part of the plastic reconstructive and wound care side of the medical clinic. 

Dr. David Pougatsch

Expert in wound healing and reconstruction, Dr. David Pougatsch is the co-founder of Wound Institutes of America and a director of Under Pressure Hyperbarics who constantly uses Hyperbaric Chambers for patient wound healing treatment added for the patient healing journey.  


Expanding Hyperbaric Environment

With medical discoveries and overwhelming demand, it was an obvious choice for the team to expand and grow their facility. The company has become the leader of medical grade hyperbaric treatment in Los Angeles County and has plans to expand to a second location in the near future. “We are very happy with the growth and overwhelming support from the community that have given hyperbarics a chance for a patient’s second natural medicine. We are committed to helping the community get back on their feet, especially in this post-covid life. We strive to make everyone comfortable to educate the public on what hyperbarics is and the benefits for the body,” says Nicole Garrett, COO of Under Pressure Hyperbarics. It looks like there is a new face of medicine, a more natural one!


About Under Pressure Hyperbarics

Under Pressure Hyperbarics in Beverly Hills, California, is one of the nation’s most trusted rehabilitation facilities focused on hyperbaric medicine and wound care. Each year, the Under Pressure Hyperbarics team provides treatments ranging from diabetes to carbon monoxide poisoning. For a further list of the benefits and treatments, the contact information for Under Pressure Hyperbarics is below. Consultation and evaluation of patients is necessary for a prescribed treatment plan.



Nicole Garret, CHT – Under Pressure Hyperbarics

Address: 250 N Robertson Blvd Suite 106, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Phone: (310) 975-9017

Email: hyperbaricgarrett@gmail.com


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