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Workout IV Therapy

Come to our in office session and stay hydrated and energized for your pre-workout or post-workout replenishment. The IV bypasses the digestive system and straight into your blood stream with instant results. You will get that kick of energy needed no matter what stage of your workout plan.


  • Normal Saline
  • Glutamine
  • L-Aginine
  • Lysine
  •  Citrulline
  • Carnitine

What's Inside our Workout IV Therapy?

With the Los Angeles Workout IV package you will receive a combination of water, sodium chloride,  and amino acids needed for healthy and strong muscles. This blend helps protein metabolism, muscle growth, and decrease muscle fatigue and protect your muscle mass.

Saline: Mixture of sodium chloride and water will help flush toxins and replenish the fluid necessary for body function.

Glutamine: Amino Acid that supports muscle growth.

L-Aginine: Amino Acid that  opens blood vessels wider for blood flow.

Lysine: Amino Acid that converts fatty acids into energy and helps the body form collagen for stronger bones.

Citrulline: Amino Acid that helps promote better blood flow.

Carnitine: Amino Acid that improves energy, recovery, and improves fat metabolism.

The Workout IV package is carefully created by our doctors to create the best nutrient combination for your workout. In addition to our Workout IV, we offer other packages including weight loss IV, hangover IV, immune boost IV, and jet lag IV

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