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We are LA's most reputable and trusted Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility. Looking for hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits and professional HBOT wound healing? Your relief from injuries and pain is minutes away in our facility in Los Angeles, California.

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What We Do

As a leading provider, we serve the Los Angeles County with clients who need Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment. 

The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is endless. To get you back on your feet, we also have in office IV Therapy and a Wound Care Center. Come down to HBOT Los Angeles and see what were all about!


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can benefit a very wide range of conditions that improves and accelerates your body's natural healing process with inhalation of pure 100% oxygen. This gets your body more oxygen throughout your body to start the healing process and encourage tissue development.  

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Thanks to hyperbarics my healing process was expedited. I felt mentally and physically supercharged from being in the chamber. I felt totally opened up: relaxed and comfortable. I would not be in the state of mind and physical state I am in now if not for hyperbarics. If I could I would do it every day!
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment
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Fun Fact

You Breathe 21% Oxygen

Normally, you breathe 21% oxygen at sea level. Using a pressure chamber such as the Under Pressure Hyperbaric System, helps the body circumvent the normal way oxygen is delivered to your body, and thereby increasing the delivery of oxygen to cells by 10-20x the amount you usually get and receive pure 100% oxygen to your body.

  • With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy you breathe 100% Oxygen.

Hyperbaric Therapy and IV Therapy Combined (NEW)

Want to do Hyperbarics while getting IV fluids?
We are the only Hyperbaric facility in California to provide Hyperbaric Treatment and IV Therapy combined! While being inside the chamber, you will also be infused with body rejuvenating IV fluids. It’s like knocking two birds with one stone!

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